{"Retired individual":"An individual who formerly held a license as a: Dentist, dental hygienist, mental health professional, nurse, nurse midwife, occupational therapist, optometrist, osteopathic physician, pharmacist, physical therapist, physician, physician assistant, podiatrist, psychologist, and recreational therapist."}
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Utah Code Ann. 58-81-104(1)-(4)

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Retired Volunteer License: Health Care Practitioner


A retired individual can apply for a retired volunteer health care practitioner license by identifying the health care provider who has agreed to supervise the retired individual’s practice and by submitting an application to the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing that includes: education, qualifications, health status, and proof that the individual previously held an unrestricted license to practice in Utah or elsewhere with no disciplinary infractions. They must comply with the scope of practice of a similarly situated licensed practitioner.

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Volunteer health care practitioner license — Waiver of fees — Rulemaking authority

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(1) The division and board shall issue a volunteer health care practitioner license to an applicant who: (a) completes an application under Section 58-81-103; and (b) meets the requirements of this chapter. (2) A license issued under this chapter shall: (a) comply with the scope of practice for a similarly situated licensed practitioner, except that the license shall limit the health care practitioner’s practice to the qualified location; (b) permit the health care practitioner to apply for a controlled substance license as permitted for other similarly situated licensed practitioners; and (c) state that the license is a volunteer health care practitioner license and is subject to the restriction of Subsection (2)(a). (3) The division and board shall waive all division fees, including application fees, examination fees, and annual renewal fees for an applicant who applies for a volunteer health care practitioner license and who otherwise meets licensure requirements. (4) The division and board may adopt rules in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, to: (a) approve the charity locations that qualify under Section 58-81-102; (b) develop standards for the information that must be included in a delegation of service agreement, including a standard form that a supervising professional may use; and (c) implement the provisions of this chapter.