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24 Del. C. 1773A(a)

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Scope of Practice: Physician Assistant Supervision During an Emergency


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a licensed physician assistant who is responding to the need for medical care created by the emergency is not required to have physician supervision to provide care.

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Participation in disaster or emergency care

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(a) A physician assistant licensed in this State or licensed or authorized to practice in any other U.S. jurisdiction or credentialed as a physician assistant by a federal employer who is responding to a need for medical care created by an emergency or a state or local disaster (excluding an emergency which occurs in that person's place of employment or practice) may render such care that he or she is able to provide without supervision pursuant to ยง 1770A of this title or with such supervision as is available. (b) Any physician who supervises a physician assistant providing medical care in response to such an emergency or state or local disaster shall not be required to meet the requirements set forth in this subchapter for a supervising physician.