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24 Del. C. 1724

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License Reciprocity: Medical Professional


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an out-of-state physician, physician assistant, respiratory care practitioner, acupuncturist, or midwife can apply for a temporary emergency certificate to provide care within the State. The Board of Medicine can create restrictions and limit locations and scope of practice of those holding a temporary emergency certificate.

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Temporary emergency certificate during public emergency

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The Board may issue a temporary emergency certificate to practice medicine for a period of time not to exceed 12 months, but renewable at the discretion of the Board, to a person whom it finds qualified to practice medicine in this State. A temporary emergency certificate may be issued only during a public emergency declared by the President of the United States or the Governor of the State. When an occupational license is issued by the Director of Revenue pursuant to Chapter 23 of Title 30, if such license is required, and the temporary emergency certificate is registered by the Board, the holder of the temporary emergency certificate may, during the term specified on the certificate unless sooner revoked, practice medicine in this State, subject to all the laws of this State and to the regulations and restrictions which the Board may adopt, including, but not limited to, location limitations and limitations on the nature of the practice of medicine within the State.