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D.C. Code 7-2361.11

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Workers' Compensation: Volunteer Health Practitioner


A volunteer health practitioner who is providing services in D.C. or is traveling to or from D.C. to provide services and is injured or killed will be considered a Washington D.C. employee for the purposes of workers' compensation. This benefit will be secondary if the practitioner is covered by another workers' compensation or health plan.

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Workers' Compensation coverage

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Notwithstanding subchapter XXIII of Chapter 6 of Title 1 [§ 1-623.01 et seq.], a volunteer health practitioner who is providing health services in the District pursuant to this chapter, or who is traveling to or from the District to provide such services, and who is not covered by workers’ compensation insurance, shall be considered an employee of the District government for purposes of any medical workers’ compensation benefits concerning any injury incurred in traveling or providing the services. Benefits for volunteer health practitioners are limited to those medical benefits provided to District government employees under § 1-623.03. If a practitioner is a participant or beneficiary of a health benefits plan or similar plan, the medical benefits under that plan are primary to the medical benefits under this section, and medical benefits under this section are reduced by the benefits under that plan.