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Tex. Health & Safety Code 161.0105

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Liability: Health Care Provider Providing Information for Immunization Registry


A health care provider who, in preparation for a potential or declared disaster, public health emergency, or other emergency situation, administers an immunization, keeps record of the immunization in a medical record, provides the record when requested, and follows other guidelines established by the Department of State Health Services will not be held legally responsible.

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Limitation on Liability

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(a) A health care provider who acts in compliance with Sections 161.007, 161.00705, 161.00706, and 161.008 and any rules adopted under those sections is not civilly or criminally liable for furnishing the information required under those sections. This subsection does not apply to criminal liability established under Section 161.009. (b) A person who administers a vaccination under a department program may be held liable only to the extent the person would be liable if the person administered the vaccination outside the program. The person is not liable for damages arising from the acts or omissions of another person acting under the program or the department. (c) The immunity created by this section is in addition to any immunity created by Sections 161.001 and 161.007(i).