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Tex. Occ. Code 51.408

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License Reciprocity: Declared State of Disaster


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an individual who meets the criteria and eligibility requirements for a license can be granted an emergency license to practice during the period of the disaster and during the recovery period following the end of the disaster declaration. Unless extended by the executive director of the Department of Licensing and Regulation, the emergency license expires 90 days after issue.

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Emergency License

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(a) The executive director may issue an emergency license to a person who meets eligibility requirements provided by: (1) a law establishing a regulatory program administered by the department; or (2) a rule adopted to implement this section. (b) An emergency license issued under this section expires on the date indicated by the executive director, but not later than the 90th day after the date the license is issued. If the governor declares an extended state of disaster under Section 418.014, Government Code, the executive director may extend the term of an emergency license to an expiration date after the 90th day after the date the license was issued. (c) The emergency license holder may engage in the activities authorized by the type of license only: (1) during a period in which a state of disaster has been declared and the following recovery period; and (2) in an area designated as a disaster area under Chapter 418, Government Code.