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ALM GL ch 111c 21

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Liability: Emergency Medical Services Provider


An emergency medical service provider who, in good faith, provides emergency first aid, CPR, or other emergency services to an injured or incapacitated person will not be held legally responsible. An emergency medical services provider is not responsible for the hospital expenses if the person who received emergency care is hospitalized.

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Liability - EMS Personnel

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No EMS personnel certified, accredited or otherwise approved under this chapter, and no additional personnel certified or authorized under section 9, who in the performance of their duties and in good faith render emergency first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, transportation, or other EMS, to an injured person or to a person incapacitated by illness shall be personally liable as a result of rendering such aid or services or, in the case of an emergency medical technician or additional personnel, as a result of transporting such person to a hospital or other health care facility, nor shall they be liable to a hospital for its expenses if, under emergency conditions, they cause the admission of such person to said hospital.