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ALM GL ch. 112 45C

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Volunteer Licenses: Dentist


A dentist can can apply for a volunteer dental license in place of a full or a retired inactive license through the Board. A dentist holding a volunteer license can only practice at work sites approved by the Board and cannot accept compensation for their practice of dentistry. A volunteer license is not required for a dentist to volunteer their time.

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Dentists - License for Volunteer Practice

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(a) The board may grant to or renew a certificate of registration of a dentist qualified for registration or renewal of the same under this chapter without payment of a fee; provided, that the dentist has agreed to restrict his practice to that of a volunteer practitioner in a specified free care program operated by a nonprofit organization. The scope of practice of a dentist whose certificate of registration is granted or renewed pursuant to this section may be restricted as the board may provide by regulation. (b) In order to qualify for a license for volunteer practice, an applicant shall meet the requirements for a regular license under this chapter, in addition to the requirements of this section. An applicant shall submit to the board a completed application on a form prescribed by the board and any additional information that the board requests. An applicant shall agree to the conditions on practice promulgated by the board. (c) The board’s application form for a license for volunteer practice shall include a request for the following information: (1) a written statement from the applicant outlining the scope and duration of services to be provided by the applicant; (2) a written statement from the director of the applicant’s proposed work site outlining the scope and duration of the applicant’s responsibilities; and (3) evidence satisfactory to the board that, in the proposed work site, the volunteer dentist will be serving without compensation and providing free dental care to a low-income community, or a community with limited access to dental care. (d) If an applicant has met all of the requirements of this section to the satisfaction of the board, the applicant shall be granted a license for volunteer practice and entitled to a certificate of registration signed by the chairman and the secretary of the board. A licensee engaged in volunteer practice may practice dentistry only at a work site approved in conjunction with his license application; shall be subject to the same conditions and responsibilities as a regular licensee; and may not accept any compensation for the practice of dental medicine.