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Tenn. Code Ann. 29-34-203

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Liability: First Responder Responding to Emergency Call


A first responder or first responder’s supervisor who, in good faith, forcibly enters a home following a 911 call and who is unable to summon an occupant of the house will not be held legally responsible.

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Immunity for first responders in responding to emergency calls

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(a) As used in this section, "first responder" means a law enforcement officer, firefighter, emergency services personnel or other person who responds to calls for emergency assistance from a 911 call. (b) A first responder and the responder's supervisor, agency, employer or supervising entity is immune from civil liability resulting from a forcible entry of a home, business or other structure if the first responder: (1) Is responding to a documented 911 call for emergency assistance; (2) Has made reasonable efforts to summon an occupant of the home, business, or structure that made the call by knocking or otherwise notifying the occupant of the first responder's presence; (3) Has not received a response from an occupant within a reasonable period of time after making reasonable efforts pursuant to subdivision (b)(2); and (4) Has a good faith belief that it is necessary to make a forcible entry for the purposes of rendering emergency assistance or preventing imminent bodily harm. (c) Nothing in this section shall affect the standard of care a first responder must employ when rendering aid after gaining entry.