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OCGA 25-6-5

Summary Title

Liability: Mutual Aid Firefighter


A firefighter who is engaged in extinguishing fires or another immediate response emergency pursuant to a pact between their home jurisdiction and the jurisdiction requesting aid will receive the same immunities, privileges, and rights as if they were in their home jurisdiction.

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Liability for failure to respond for purposes of extinguishing fires or other immediate response emergencies; privileges and immunities; liability for loss of men or equipment

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(a) There shall be no liability imposed by law on a pact or any member jurisdiction or its personnel for failure to respond for the purpose of extinguishing or controlling any fire or other immediate response emergency. This immunity is not exclusive of other similar immunities granted by statute or common law. (b) Any firefighter or other person who is an employee or member of a jurisdiction of a pact while engaged in a duty or activity in connection with this chapter or pursuant to orders or instructions of his superiors, shall be entitled to all rights, privileges, exemptions, and immunities to which he would be entitled if the duty or activity were performed within that firefighter's or other person's home jurisdiction. (c) The loss of men or equipment while in operation under a pact agreement shall be borne as if the loss occurred in the man's or equipment's home jurisdiction.