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ALM GL ch. 40 (h)

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Workers' Compensation: Intrastate Mutual Aid


An employee or volunteer who is injured or killed while traveling to or from or providing aid pursuant to an intrastate mutual aid agreement is entitled to the same workers' compensation and employee benefits from their home government as if they were in their home jurisdiction.

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Statewide Public Safety Mutual Aid Agreement

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(h) (1) While in transit to, returning from and providing mutual aid assistance under the agreement, employees of a sending party shall have the same rights of defense, immunity and indemnification that they otherwise would have under the law if they were acting within the scope of their employment under the direction of their employer. A sending party shall provide to, and maintain for, each of its employees who provide mutual aid assistance under the agreement the same indemnification, defense, right to immunity, employee benefits, death benefits, workers’ compensation or similar protection and insurance coverage that would be provided to those employees if they were performing similar services in the sending party’s jurisdiction. (2) Each party to the agreement shall waive all claims and causes of action against each other party to the agreement that may arise out of their activities while rendering or receiving mutual aid assistance under the agreement, including travel outside of its jurisdiction. (3) Each requesting party shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless each sending party from all claims by third parties for property damage or personal injury which may arise out of the activities of the sending party or its employees, including travel, while providing mutual aid assistance under the agreement.