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S.D. Codified Laws 34-11-9

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Liability: Using Vehicle or Aircraft as Ambulance


When an emergency declaration is in effect, an individual who occasionally uses a private vehicle or aircraft as an ambulance or who uses the vehicle or aircraft as an ambulance when local resources are overwhelmed will not be found guilty of a crime or have their license revoked. Individuals providing ambulance services with an ambulance from out-of-state or as part of a non-regularly operating rescue squad will also not be found guilty of a crime or have their license revoked.

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Activities exempt from provisions of §§ 34-11-2 to 34-11-10, inclusive

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The following are exempt from the provisions of §§  34-11-2 to 34-11-10, inclusive: (1) The occasional use of a privately owned vehicle or aircraft not ordinarily used in the business of ambulance service or operating under provisions of §  32-34-3; (2) A vehicle rendering services as an ambulance in case of major catastrophe or emergency when ambulance services based in the localities of the catastrophe or emergency are insufficient or unavailable to render the services required; (3) Ambulance services based outside the state, except that any such ambulance service receiving a patient within this state for transport to a location within this state shall comply with §§  34-11-2 to 34-11-10, inclusive, unless such transport is a medical emergency; (4) Vehicles owned and operated by rescue squads which are not regularly used as ambulances except as part of rescue operations; (5) Ambulances owned and operated by agencies of the United States government; (6) Coach services engaged by prior appointment in the transportation of infirm or disabled individuals not requiring emergency medical care in transit.