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S.D. Codified Laws 34-20A-103

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Liability: Administration of an Opioid Antagonist


A physician issuing a standing order for the administration of an opioid antagonist and the first responder who, in good faith complies with protocols, administers the opioid antagonist will not be held legally responsible.

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First responder acting under standing order to administer opioid antagonists

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A physician who issues a standing order under the rules established pursuant to section 5 of this Act, a first responder acting under a standing order who administers an opioid antagonist in good faith compliance with the protocols for administering an opioid antagonist, and the first responder’s employer, are not civilly liable for injuries, and may not be held to pay damages to any person, or the person’s parents, siblings, children, estate, heirs, or devisees, for injuries or death associated with the administration of an opioid antagonist.