{"Emergency management worker":"An individual, whether from inside or outside the state, who works at the request of or under the control of the state government or other political subdivision in South Dakota."}
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S.D. Codified Laws 34-48A-47

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Powers, Duties, Immunities, and Privileges: Emergency Management Worker Powers


An emergency management worker who performs emergency management services under an agreement or compact will have the same powers, duties, immunities, and privileges as they would they enjoy in carrying out job functions in their regular place of employment.

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Powers of emergency management workers when performing duties outside of local jurisdiction

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Any emergency management worker performing emergency management at any place in this state pursuant to agreements, compacts or arrangements for mutual aid and assistance, to which the state or political subdivision thereof is a party, shall possess the same powers, duties, immunities and privileges he would ordinarily possess if performing his duties in the state, province or political subdivision thereof in which normally employed or rendering services.