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OAC Ann. 4730-1-03(F)

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Scope of Practice: Physician Assistant Supervision During a Disaster


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a supervising physician who oversees a physician assistant is not required to be physically present for the physician assistant to provide care. The physician assistant can be supervised by the medical director of the emergency.

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Duties of a supervising physician.

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(F) When a physician assistant is providing medical care precipitated by a disaster or emergency, as those terms are defined in section 4730.04 of the Revised Code, both of the following apply: (1) The physician supervising a physician assistant pursuant to a supervisory plan approved under section 4730.17 of the Revised Code is not required to be physically present at the disaster or emergency site or be readily available to the physician assistant through some means of telecommunication and being in a location that under normal conditions is not more than sixty minutes travel time away from the disaster or emergency site. (2) The physician designated as the medical director of the disaster or emergency may supervise the medical care provided by the physician assistant.