{"First responder":"An emergency medical services provider, a law enforcement officer, or firefighter who is directly involved in examining, treating, or directing people during an emergency."}
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S.C. Code Ann. 44-130-60(C)

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Liability: First Responder Administration of an Opioid Antagonist


A first responder who, in good faith, believes an individual is suffering an opioid related overdose and administers an opioid antagonist will not be held legally responsible or professionally disciplined for acting or for failing to act.

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First responder may administer opioid antidote; immunity

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(C) A first responder who administers an opioid antidote in accordance with the provisions of this section to a person whom the first responder believes in good faith is experiencing an opioid overdose is not by an act or omission subject to civil or criminal liability or to professional disciplinary action.