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63 P.S. 123.2

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Volunteer License: Dentist


A temporary dental license can be issued when a person holds a license to practice dentistry, provides proof that they will not receive monetary compensation for the practice of dentistry, is current on continuing education, possesses professional liability insurance, and is not currently under a disciplinary investigation. A qualified individual can obtain one 30 day volunteer license or three 10 day volunteer licenses per year. This is intended for scheduled volunteer opportunities.

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Temporary Volunteer Dental Licenses

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(a) The board shall issue a temporary volunteer license to an individual who meets all of the following requirements: (1) Holds an active license to practice dentistry in this Commonwealth or in another state or territory. (2) Documents to the satisfaction of the board that the applicant will practice dentistry in this Commonwealth without personal remuneration. (3) Is current on all continuing education requirements. (4) Demonstrates medical professional liability insurance coverage as required under section 3.2.1 (5) Is not the subject of an ongoing disciplinary investigation. (b) By request of the applicant, the board may issue: (1) one thirty-day temporary volunteer license per applicant per year; or (2) up to three ten-day temporary volunteer licenses per applicant per year.