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S.C. Code Ann. 40-47-31(G)

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Emergency License: Physician


When an emergency declaration is in effect, a physician who is in good standing and holds an active, out-of-state license can obtain an emergency limited license to practice in South Carolina. The physician must submit an application, fee, and any other required documents to the South Carolina State Board of Medical Examiners.

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Limited and temporary licenses

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(G) An emergency limited license may be issued to a physician actively licensed in another state who is in good standing in accordance with Section 40-47-160(B) and whose place of established practice has been the subject of an emergency disaster declaration by an appropriate federal or state authority. An emergency limited license is valid for one year and may be renewed upon approval of the board. This license must be limited to practice in this State while associated with a licensed physician in this State who holds an unrestricted, permanent license or while employed by a licensed health care facility in this State. The applicant must submit the following items: (1) a completed application and payment of applicable fees; and (2) such documentation as may be acceptable to the board under the circumstances to demonstrate eligibility for the limited license, including documentation of an existing license in good standing authorizing professional practice in the state which is subject to the emergency disaster declaration.