{"volunteer emergency medical disaster response personnel":"a physician, psychologist, nurse, EMT, social worker, physician assistant, or pharmacist"}
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HRS 321-23.3(a)

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Rights, Privileges, Duties, and Powers: Volunteer Emergency Medical Disaster Response Personnel Providing Aid in Another Jurisdiction


Volunteer emergency medical disaster response personnel who are licensed in the state and provide services related to a disaster or mass casualty event will be considered state employees and will have the same rights, privileges, duties, and powers.

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Volunteer emergency medical disaster response personnel

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(a) All volunteer emergency medical disaster response personnel including:(1) Physicians; (2) Psychologists; (3) Nurses; (4) Emergency medical technicians; (5) Social workers; (6) Mobile intensive care technicians; (7) Physician assistants; and (8) Pharmacists, licensed in the State, or employed by a health care facility, while engaged in the emergency response to a mass casualty event or disaster condition, including participation during periods of mass casualty and disaster management training, shall be deemed state employees or county employees, as the case may be, and shall have the of such in the performance of their duties as prescribed by or under the authority of the governor or a county.