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HRS 321-23.3(e)

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Scope of Practice: Physician Assistant Supervision During a Disaster


A physician assistant licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction who is responding to an emergency or disaster can provide medical care they are authorized to provide with whatever physician supervision is available. A physician who, voluntarily and without compensation, supervises a physician assistant under this section will not be held legally responsible for any personal injury caused by the care provided by a physician assistant.

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Volunteer emergency medical disaster response personnel

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(e) A physician assistant licensed in this State or licensed or authorized to practice in any other United States jurisdiction, or who is credentialed as a physician assistant by a federal employer who is responding to a need for medical care created by a public emergency or a state or local disaster, may provide medical care that the physician assistant is authorized to provide without physician supervision, pursuant to chapter 453, or with appropriate physician supervision that is available; provided that:(1) Any physician who supervises a physician assistant providing medical care in response to a public emergency or state or local disaster shall not be required to meet the requirements set forth in chapter 453 for a supervising physician; and (2) No physician who supervises a physician assistant voluntarily and gratuitously providing emergency care pursuant to this subsection shall be liable for civil damages for any personal injuries which result from acts or omissions by the physician assistant providing emergency care.