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Code of Ala. 34-24-75.1(a)

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Retired Senior Volunteer License: Physician


A retired physician can apply for a limited license to practice medicine, without compensation, with a free medical clinic or a nonprofit organization. The physician must perform at least 100 volunteer hours annually. A volunteer license is not required for a non-retired physician to volunteer.

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Retired Senior Volunteer Program

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(a) The State Board of Medical Examiners may, at its discretion and subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the board, issue a certificate of qualification in behalf of physicians meeting the requirements for participation in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). The Retired Senior Volunteer Program is created for the purpose of permitting doctors of medicine and doctors of osteopathy who are fully retired from the active practice of medicine to obtain a limited license without cost which would permit the provision of outpatient health care services at established free clinics operated pursuant to the Volunteer Medical Professional Act, Section 6-5-660, et seq. Physicians having certificates issued under this section must perform no fewer than 100 hours of voluntary service annually and must limit their practice to the confines of an established free medical clinic as that term is defined in Section 6-5-662, or such other nonprofit organizations or facilities located in Alabama which are approved by the board and which provide outpatient medical care to individuals unable to pay for it. Certificates issued under this section and licenses based thereon shall state on their faces that they are issued under the RSVP and are subject to restrictions. Any physician in whose behalf a certificate of qualification is issued under this section shall be subject to having his or her license suspended or revoked by the Medical Licensure Commission for the same causes or reasons and in the same manner as provided by law in the case of other physicians. Certificates of qualification issued under this section shall expire annually and physicians may apply to the board for renewal of their certificate, but the board shall have full discretion to accept or reject the application for renewal.