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HRS 386-181

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Workers' Compensation: Volunteer Law Enforcement and Firefighter


A volunteer law enforcement officer or firefighter who is injured while performing their duties for the State or county is entitled to workers' compensation.

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(b) If a member of a public board, a reserve police officer, a police chaplain, sheriffs' chaplain, a volunteer firefighter, a volunteer boating enforcement officer, or a volunteer conservation and resources enforcement officer is injured while performing services for the board, county police department, county fire department, department of public safety, harbors division of the department of transportation, or division of conservation and resources enforcement of the department of land and natural resources, under the conditions specified in section 386-3, the person or the person's dependents shall be entitled to all compensation in the manner provided by this chapter and, for the purposes of this chapter, the person shall, in every case, be deemed to have earned wages for the services.