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IDAPA, Idaho Code 54-1841

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License Reciprocity: Retired Physician


A retired physician can apply to receive a volunteer license to provide care at specific locations without compensation.

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Volunteer License

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01. License. Upon completion of an application and verification of qualifications, the Board may issue a volunteer license to a physician who is retired from active practice for the purpose of providing medical service to people who, due to age, infirmity, handicap, indigence or disability, are unable to receive regular medical treatment. Effective Date (3-30-06) 02. Retired Defined. A physician previously holding a license to practice medicine and surgery and osteopathic medicine and surgery in Idaho or another state shall be considered retired if, prior to the date of the application for a volunteer's license, he has: Effective Date (3-30-06) a. Surrendered or allowed his license with active status to expire with the intent of ceasing active practice for remuneration or; Effective Date (3-30-06) b. Converted his active license to an inactive status with the intention of ceasing to actively practice for remuneration or; Effective Date (3-30-06) c. Converted his license with active or inactive status to a license with retirement or similar status that proscribed the active practice of medicine. Effective Date (3-30-06) 03. Eligibility. A physician whose license has been restricted, suspended, revoked surrendered, resigned, converted, allowed to lapse or expire as the result of disciplinary action or in lieu of disciplinary action shall not be eligible for a volunteer license. The volunteer license cannot be converted to a license with active, inactive or temporary status. Effective Date (3-30-06)