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ORC Ann. 2305.233

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Liability: Firefighter Under Mutual Aid Agreement


A firefighter responding to a call under any mutual fire aid agreement will not be held legally responsible for injury.

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Immunity for assistance under reciprocal fire protection agreement.

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(A) No officer of † employee as defined in section 109.36 of the Revised Code, or employee as defined in section 2744.01 of the Revised Code, rendering fire protection assistance pursuant to a reciprocal fire protection agreement shall be liable in civil damages to any person allegedly harmed by the negligent provision of that assistance. (B) As used in this section, “reciprocal fire protection agreement” includes any mutual aid agreement for the provision of fire protection entered into pursuant to the “Act of May 23, 1955,” 69 Stat. 67, 42 U.S.C.A. 1856-1856d, or any intergovernmental fire-fighting agreement entered into under section 9.60 of the Revised Code.