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225 ILCS 140/4

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Scope of Practice: Volunteer Health Practitioner during Disaster


When an emergency declaration is in effect, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency can limit or restrict the duration of practice, the geographical areas of practice, the types of practitioners, and other matters relating to volunteer health and veterinary practitioners.

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Regulation of services during emergency

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(a) While a disaster proclamation under the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act [20 ILCS 3305/1 et seq.] is in effect, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency may limit, restrict, or otherwise regulate: (1) the duration of practice by volunteer health practitioners; (2) the geographical areas in which volunteer health practitioners may practice; (3) the types of volunteer health practitioners who may practice; and (4) any other matters necessary to coordinate effectively the provision of health or veterinary services during the emergency. (b) An order issued pursuant to subsection (a) may take effect immediately, without prior notice or comment, and is not a rule within the meaning of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act [5-100/1-1 et seq.]. (c) A host entity or disaster relief organization that uses volunteer health practitioners to provide health or veterinary services in this State shall: (1) consult and coordinate its activities with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to the extent practicable to provide for the efficient and effective use of volunteer health practitioners; and (2) comply with any laws relating to the management of emergency health or veterinary services.