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29 Ill. Adm. Code 301.620

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Workers' Compensation: Volunteer


A volunteer who is over 18 years of age, not compensated, appointed and enrolled by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency or Emergency Services and Disaster Agency to perform disaster response functions, and is injured or killed while participating in disaster response or training will receive workers' compensation.

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Only a volunteer meeting all of the following requirements is eligible for coverage under the Workers' Compensation Act or Workers' Occupational Diseases Act: a) Volunteer, age 18 and above, of IEMA or of an ESDA accredited pursuant to Section 301.510 of this Part; b) Volunteer not compensated by IEMA or the ESDA for which he/she is volunteering; c) Duly qualified through appointment by IEMA or the ESDA to perform disaster response functions consistent with the IEMA Act and the political subdivision's ESDA ordinance; d) Enrolled (sworn in) in accordance with Section 20 of the Act; and e) Suffering disease, injury or death while participating in a disaster response, disaster exercise, training related to the EOP of the political subdivision, or a search-and-rescue team response to an occurrence or threat of injury or loss of life that is beyond local response capabilities, if: