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Iowa Code 135.24(3)

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Liability: Volunteer Health Care Provider


A registered volunteer health care provider, who provides free care at an authorized location, will be considered an employee of the state and will not be held legally responsible for acting or failing to act.

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Volunteer health care provider program established - immunity from civil liability

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3. A health care provider providing free care under this section shall be considered an employee of the state under chapter 669, shall be afforded protection as an employee of the state under section 669.21, and shall not be subject to payment of claims arising out of the free care provided under this section through the health care provider’s own professional liability insurance coverage, provided that the health care provider has done all of the following: a. Registered with the department pursuant to subsection 1. b. Provided medical, dental, chiropractic, pharmaceutical, nursing, optometric, psychological, social work, behavioral science, podiatric, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, or emergency medical care services through a hospital, clinic, free clinic, field dental clinic, specialty health care provider office, or other health care facility, health care referral program, or charitable organization listed as eligible and participating by the department pursuant to subsection 1.