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KSA 48-954

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License Reciprocity: Intrastate Mutual Aid


An individual, who holds a license, certificate, or permit for professional, mechanical, or other skills issued by Iowa or by a responding entity, is considered to be licensed, certified, or permitted in the requesting jurisdiction for the duration of the emergency. This section is limited to the intrastate mutual aid system.

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Recognition of license, certificate, or other permit issued by participating political subdivision

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If a person or entity holds a license, certificate or other permit issued by a participating political subdivision or the state evidencing qualification in a professional, mechanical or other skill and the assistance of such person or entity is requested by a participating political subdivision, the person or entity shall be deemed to be licensed, certified or permitted in the political subdivision requesting assistance for the duration of the declared emergency or authorized drills or exercises, subject to any limitations and conditions the chief executive of the participating political subdivision receiving the assistance may prescribe by executive order or otherwise.