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KSa 48-922

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Workers' Compensation: Emergency Management Volunteer


A city with a disaster agency can purchase accident insurance to protect emergency management volunteers when they are injured or killed while performing their duties.

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Purchase of accident insurance for volunteer workers by cities; coverage; immunity; definitions.

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(a) The governing body of any city which has a disaster agency pursuant to K.S.A. 48-929, and amendments thereto, or is participating in an interjurisdictional arrangement under an interjurisdictional disaster agency pursuant to K.S.A. 48-930, and amendments thereto, may purchase accident insurance for the protection of those volunteer workers engaged in emergency management activities sustaining injury or death by accidental means as a result of such emergency management activities as the volunteer worker may be called on to perform when called into services in such capacity. The governing body of such city may purchase accident insurance from private insurance companies in such amounts and for such coverages as the city governing body may deem necessary and pay for such insurance out of the emergency management fund. The purchase of such insurance shall not constitute a waiver of the immunity of the city from any action or suit provided for in K.S.A. 48-915, and amendments thereto.