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KRS 198B.4019

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License Reciprocity: Elevator Mechanic


When an emergency declaration is in effect, the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction can issue emergency elevator mechanic licenses. An elevator mechanic must apply for this within 5 days of the declaration. This license is valid for up to 45 days.

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Emergency elevator mechanic license - Proof of competency -

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(1) The department shall issue emergency elevator mechanic licenses whenever an emergency is declared by the Governor due to disaster, act of God, or work stoppage, and the number of persons in the state holding licenses granted by the department is determined by the commissioner to be insufficient to cope with the emergency. (2) Elevator contractors shall respond as necessary to ensure the safety of the public. (3) Any person confirmed by a licensed elevator contractor to have a combination of documented experience and education to perform elevator work without direct and immediate supervision shall seek an emergency elevator mechanic’s license from the department within five (5) business days after commencing work under this emergency provision if the work requires a license under ordinary circumstances. The elevator contractor employing the elevator mechanic shall furnish proof of competency as required by the department. (4) Each emergency elevator mechanic license shall be valid for a period of forty-five (45) days from the date of issuance and for the particular elevators or geographical areas designated by the department, and otherwise shall entitle the licensee to the rights and privileges of an elevator mechanic licensed under KRS 198B.400 to 198B.540. (5) The department may renew an emergency elevator mechanic license during the existence of a continuing emergency.