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KRS 39A.260(4)-(6)

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Workers' Compensation: Mutual Aid Agreement


Emergency management personnel, paid or volunteer, who are injured or killed while performing their duties, are entitled to workers' compensation from Kentucky. This section is limited to aid pursuant to a mutual aid agreement.

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Mutual aid agreements with other states - Workers' compensation

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(4) Kentucky emergency management-provided workers’ compensation shall apply to a state or local emergency management agency worker, paid or volunteer, or worker in an operating unit officially affiliated with the division, or worker in a local emergency management agency-supervised operating unit officially affiliated with a local disaster and emergency services organization pursuant to KRS 39B.070, who is serving in another state pursuant to an agreement consummated under this section. (5) An emergency management worker from another state, paid or volunteer, who is working for or affiliated with the state emergency management agency and who is serving in Kentucky pursuant to an agreement consummated under this section may be accorded Kentucky emergency management workers’ compensation coverage by action of the director. (6) The provisions of subsections (4) and (5) of this section shall not apply to hazardous materials emergency response operations defined in 29 C.F.R. 1910.120 which are above the first-responder operations level, on-scene incident commander level excluded.