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KRS 39A.260

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License Reciprocity: Mutual Aid Agreement


An emergency management worker, who holds a license or certificate to practice a profession in another state, will be considered license in Kentucky for the period of the aid request. They can be disciplined by the appropriate Kentucky licensing board for acting with extreme carelessness. This section is limited to aid pursuant to a mutual aid agreement.

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Mutual aid agreements with other states - Workers' compensation

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(7) An emergency management worker from another state, paid or volunteer, who is working for the state emergency management agency or a local emergency management agency or a worker in an organization affiliated with the state or local emergency management agency of another state who holds license or certification from the worker’s state to practice a profession, or paraprofessional activity, or other activity for which a license or certification is required to practice that activity in Kentucky shall be, for the period of that work, under an agreement consummated pursuant to this chapter, considered as properly licensed or certified in Kentucky to perform the services granted by the worker’s license or certification. The worker shall, however, while in Kentucky, be subject to discipline by the appropriate Kentucky licensing or certifying agency for acts of misconduct or negligence which are committed in Kentucky.