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KRS 39B.045(5)

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License Reciprocity: Emergency Responder


An emergency responder, who holds a license, certificate, or permit in another jurisdiction, will be considered licensed, certified, or permitted in Kentucky as long as they act within the scope of practice of a similarly licensed professional from Kentucky.

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Mutual aid agreements between Kentucky or its agencies or political subdivisions and units of government from another state

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(5) If an emergency responder from a jurisdiction outside Kentucky holds a license, certification, or other permit recognized or issued by another state, that emergency responder is considered to be licensed, certified, and permitted in Kentucky to render aid involving such skill to meet the request for assistance under a mutual aid agreement signed pursuant to this section, so long as the emergency responder acts within the scope of: (a) The emergency responder’s license, certificate, or permit; and (b) What would be authorized by an equivalent license, certificate, or permit from or recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.